Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Different Batting Helmets on the Internet

By Jade S. Trenor

There's a wide range of batting helmets available to buy online, but it's not always that easy finding the right one for you. I've explored the web as well as managed to discover some great websites that market good quality helmets at great prices.

If you're looking to buy a batting helmet you have to make sure you know your hat size and also the helmet you're about to purchase will give you protection and also have a good ventilation system which will ensure you don't sweat.

Searching for the perfect batting helmet isn't easy and you need to take a lot into consideration before you make a purchase, however don't be concerned, this article will help you to do just that.

At you will find a great variety of softball batting helmets on the market. These types of helmets give you the safety that you need, whilst being comfortable and looking good. A number of the helmets even include built-in face guards so you won't have to purchase them individually. The Adidas destiny softball helmet combo costs close to $50 plus comes in two different colors.

If you are searching for comfort and style, and safety you'll need to have a glance at the selection of Mizuno batting helmets that may be found at Here you'll find a relatively small however great range of helmets that don't cost the earth. One of many advantages of these helmets is each of them comes in up to six sizes, so you're sure to manage to find the right one for you.

Even though Mizuno batting helmets are inexpensive in comparison to many, you should be aware that you're getting a great quality product which is shown to be very durable and providing you with the safety you will need.

Being bold as a baseball player is important, yet so is getting your personal distinctive style that will get you noticed and make your team mates envious! To get this done, you should think about buying custom batting helmets that allow you to put in a personal touch to an important device. At you'll find a whole host of patterns and fashions that will make your batting helmet be noticeable, without leaving a dent or dimple in your wallet.

According to, there are no two customized batting helmets that are the same. When you see the large selection of choice that you're offered, it's easy to understand why.

Easton batting helmets certainly are a stylish selection of helmets which have a real classic look, while incorporating a contemporary effect. These helmets are available at dickssportinggoods are available from around $20 through to $50. Without going through the very best, you can aquire a distinctive helmet that is included with a unique aerodynamic venting system that you won't find anywhere else. You can find a good number of hat sizes and colors accessible, meaning you're certain to discover something you love.

If you're looking for a higher quality helmet than those you have formerly observed, you might want to take a look at the Nike batting helmets which are on the market at These types of helmets look good, and also that's because they're great the 'Nike Show Batting Helmet' for instance, is definitely an extremely comfortable helmet that matches sizes 6 3/8 - 7 . While providing you with the protection that you need, this selection of headgear will make sure you look good. The prices of the Nike batting helmets may be a little higher than some, however in this situation, you get everything you pay for.

The range of Schutt batting helmets are recognized to be one of the greatest helmet designs you'll find. These uniquely design helmets which come in 7 various colors will certainly protect you while you're on the field. If it's comfort that you're looking for then you need to purchase one of these simple helmets because they are noted for being extremely comfortable.

One of the biggest disadvantages in utilizing a batting helmet a lot is you can from time to time get different types of mildew, bacteria as well as fungus growing within the helmet. Thankfully when Schutt batting helmets were designed an anti-microbial treatment was included. This treatment helps to prevent the growth of the mildew and so on that you would expect to find within the helmet and over the ridges.

Some Extra

If you're trying to find a batting helmet that provides you just that little bit extra in terms of style, style and comfort then you definitely might want to take a look at Worth batting helmets. These types of helmets are designed to last for years and they do. When you really need extra protection or you're just looking for reassurance, then Worth batting helmets are the range you have to check out. Found at dickssportinggoods, you'll see the cost of these batting helmets is a bit above than others, however you definitely get what you pay for.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baseball Uniforms History

By Jane Dupied

The first baseball team to wear uniforms was the 1849 New York Knickerbockers. Composed of white flannel shirts, blue woolen pants and straw hats, the club took the field in April and were initially met with ridicule for their "fancy duds."

The new look caught on quickly however , and other clubs adopted their own uniforms.

Long leggings or stockings were added to the ensemble in the early 1880s, basically to distinguish one club from another. In the late 1880s, a handful of clubs, including the Washington Nationals of the National League were the first clubs to add stripes to their uniform. By 1900, all professional teams had their own unique baseball uniforms, and some even adopted the practice of having a different outfit for home games as well as a differently-colored uniform for away games.

Pinstriping became well-liked during the early 1900s, and clubs tried out different materials such as satin. The Cleveland Indians made an attempt to personalise their clubs ' uniforms in 1916 by adding the players' numbers, though the original design was used for home games only and were placed on the left sleeve. The Indians, along with the NY Yankees, took the practice a step further in 1929 when they placed the numbers squarely on the backs. At first, the numbers corresponded to the player's position in the batting order, which is the origin of Babe Ruth's No. 3 and Lou Gehrig's No. 4. Twenty years later, the Brooklyn Dodgers were the first club to add numbers on the uniform fronts.

The baseball cap also has a quite extensive story, but till the 1860s there was no standard or perhaps a need for players to wear a cap. The Brooklyn Excelsiors were the first team to take on the now-familiar modern cap with rounded peak and top. The size of the peak has grown over the years, in order to provide protection from sun glare.

Baseball shoes were often sturdy leather shoes up until the previous Century, when spiked shoes became trendy. To avoid slipping, many players preferred detachable spikes, but issues over injuries led to their banishment in 1976. The arrival of artificial turf in the 1970s led to a need for lighter, more "track-like" shoes.

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