Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A new start for the Atlanta Braves

By B. Crawford

We are now about ten days away from opening day for the Atlanta Braves. After the way that the season ended last year in the one game wildcard game, the fans are ready to start a new journey to a what is hopefully a championship season. I hope that the we can get through opening day without random trash being thrown on the field because of a bad call by umpires.

There are no doubt that the season ended abruptly due in large part to a terrible call of the umpires. However, I was at that game and that call was not the primary reason the Atlanta Braves lost that ballgame. The game was lost by a mixture of not hitting with runners on base and poor defense; you can't put that form of performance available to you and expect to go home with a victory. Ask any fan of the team as well as give you a different opinion.

The expectations for the Atlanta Braves are very high this year and that is understandable. They were a lot more aggressive this winter than in they have been in recent years and the result is the potential for a very potent offense. In fact, this is the probably the most powerful offense that this team has in well over a decade. With that potential also comes a lot of swings and misses, the Atlanta Braves could potentially approach the all time record set by the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2010 with 1,529 strikeouts.

The Atlanta Braves are getting to be athletic, their outfield is regarded as the best inside the entire game plus they are going to hit for power. The main question mark comes with the starting pitchers. When they can get a combined 60-65 wins from their starters they will stand a good chance of winning the division and knowcking from the Washington Nationals. You will find a high probability that it will take upwards of one hundred victories to attain a first place finish.

This division is certainly going to be a dog fight that could very well go right as far as the final weekend of the season to determine a winner. Everyone concedes that this might be certainly pretty much a two team race with they exception of a few folks that think the Phillies are capable of coming out on top. As the Phillies will probably end up getting a better record than this past year, they appear to be destined for a third place finish. This season will probably be a lot of fun to view and I can't wait to chose the season under way. It is a difficult fight and a lengthy season, but the Atlanta Braves are made to be a great team this season so let the games begin.

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