Saturday, April 6, 2013

Texas Tech: A School Rich in History

By Richardo Manning

One of the most fun-filled and exciting activities of the month can be attending an athletic event. Cheering for the favorite team, hoping for their success, feeling their pain, and rejoicing in their victory creates memories that last a lifetime.

It's known for its ability to silence, or interfere with, the expression of specific genes. Applied to HIV, it could possibly interfere with the negative expressions of the virus, essentially curing it by stopping it from working.

Learning to enjoy watching a baseball game, however, may take a little understanding on the part of the spectator.

Some have suggested that symbolic clothing can have an effect on our behavior. A football player that wears a uniform which they relate the symbolism to a champion could perform better.

A timeless instruction passed from generations of fathers to their sons as they teach them they game of baseball reflects the importance of the ball to the game. "Keep your eye on the ball" has been the concise call of every baseball coach at every level, and is in turn the key to enjoying one's time at the ball park.

Over the years, they have produced 5 players that were inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. Donny Anderson later played for both Green Bay and St. Louis back in the late 60's and early 70's.

If a person really wants to be amazed while watching a baseball game, they should try fielding some grounders, catching a pop fly, and hitting a baseball before going to the ball park.

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Many of their more recent players are found scattered throughout the NFL. The school itself has several conference championships to its name.

Entertainment and enjoyment will follow the baseball fan who understands the impressive, but seemingly easy, actions of the athletes on the diamond.

From advancing in science to working through the NCAA tournament during March Madness, Texas Tech has a notable history. That history will only propel the University to a successful future.

With such fierce competition, any little boost in motivation by fans sporting t-shirts they come to love will in turn help their team achieve victory. If what we wear effects how we act, then we should wear the best we have.

Complete your wardrobe with proper Texas Tech apparel to show your support. Your advertising help can aid the university's goal to continue in such a rich and diverse tradition.

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